Welcome to the OpenEngine project

OpenEngine is a cross platform framework for creating 3D applications. It is a  free software initiative started, at the  Department of Computer Science at  Aarhus University, in order to create a game engine geared towards educational usage. The engine provides a clean base and flexible architecture allowing many possible applications.



  • Forum - The place for help and discussion.
  • Hacking Sessions - face-to-face hacking.
  • People - A list of many of the people involved.
  •  IRC - #openengine @ freenode.net


Note: To run these, simply unzip and use the 'Run(ProjectName?).bat' file

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Featured Projects

A fracture simulator developed as part of a master's thesis.

A fiery mini game. You control a dragon and have to incinerate as many villagers as possible before the timer runs out.

A demo game on top of OpenEngine. This project is currently under development.

A interactive illustration of artificial insemination built on top of OpenEngine.